A Problem with Kaylee...

2008.06.18 in personal

Last night, I was having a slight issue (mouseDragged: only got called once for each entire drag). I talked to some people on IRC who suggested spaces might be the culprit (?!?), so I checked, but it was off. So, I rebooted... since then, I haven't gotten video back... Mac OS comes up, I can log in, get to a terminal, and "say" things (this was how I was debugging before I got SSH on), but the display never comes up for real... not an external display either.

So, if people need to get ahold of me, either call me, or make your subject line really blatant so it stands out on my phone. I'm going to set up my old PowerBook tomorrow, get evas and Xcode and textmate running... but I really need to find out how to get Kaylee back! Any ideas?

One nice thing would be to be able to get a hardware listing from the command line. Anyone know how? There's no lspci or anything... (EDIT: I had forgotten about ioreg!) But none of my 3 operating systems nor rEFIt get the video card up...


So... apparently some people think Firmware Update 1.5 is the culprit — there's numerous other people on the Apple Support forums with the same problem, but they say 1.5.1 fixed it! I already have 1.5.1, and have no way of reflashing/trying to go back to 1.4/whatever, because Apple only seems to support going forward with firmwares.

I'm also beginning to wonder if it's really reasonable for it to be the firmware, since I would have installed 1.5.1 when it came out, in late April! Which leads me to believe it might legitimately be a bad "logic board" (Apple's terminology for motherboard, which just so happens to include a soldered-on Core 2 Duo)... I just really wish it were something else, because that's mighty expensive to replace, my warrantee having expired less than a week ago. Literally. Amazing, right!?

Evas development can go on, I'm going to steal time on Amy's iMac when she's not using it, booting from Kaylee's disc with Target Disk Mode. That at least will prevent me from going through the hassle of trying to get everything working with reasonable speed on this PowerBook G4, which I'll use, I guess, when I'm not here... or something!

I guess I should feel lucky that this wasn't a data loss issue, but I'm not happy! Also, I hadn't realized how much the change from this machine to Kaylee was ... so. much. better. *WANTS MBP BACK SOON, PLZ*


My machine's now at Smalldog, and is apparently getting shipped to Apple to get the logic board replaced. It had better not happen again, is all I'm saying...

Also Apple (of course) refused to extend my now-6-days-expired warrantee. Oops.