A New Theme

2010.01.21 in personal

If you visit this site occasionally, you've probably noticed that it's all white now! I'd gotten a bit tired of the black, and wanted something a bit softer. The buttons are heavily Clearlooks-inspired, and on the whole I'm happy with the redesign. I'm still a little bit sad that I'm completely incapable of designing anything with color, but that's ok... there's a lot of stuff to be had by sticking to greyscale, too!

There's also a new projects section, which I will eventually fill (it's very bare-bones right now) with details of stuff that I've been working on. I haven't — in the past — had a static place to put updatable information on projects; I usually write stuff in a blog post, and then another a bit later, and so on; this doesn't really make any sense!

I've made the old "Stuff" page disappear for the time being, but I'll probably bring it back in some form someday... it doesn't matter much now, though, with the move to GitHub and the projects page.

The whole site should be much smaller and load much faster now — I've removed a lot of stuff that was hanging around for no reason, like jQuery, a random unused CSS file, and various other things. I also upped the cache expiration duration on a lot of images to a month instead of an hour, so that should help some (though it seems Safari is having a hard time respecting this, for some reason, but Firefox seems to).

Also, by the next post here, I should have — at the very least — the images and large-file content of this site moved over to Amazon S3. My crazy 10$-for-a-year Dreamhost deal is coming to a close, and between their pricing (way too high for a static site, it'll be something like 2.50$/month at Amazon, a quarter the price) and their bandwidth (50KB/s down?! I get ~1MB/s down with S3!), it's time to say goodbye. I have until March to move myself, Matt, and Carol out of there.