A Move to GitHub

2010.01.18 in code

I decided that hosting my Git repos on Jayne was a silly idea. While it did mean nearly infinite storage (and upgrades at a fraction of the price of any alternative) and incredibly fast clones/pushes, having to deal with repository downtime every time I move my computer or decide to start Windows to play a game is simply ridiculous.

So, I've moved everything to GitHub. One visiting my Github profile should keep in mind that a lot of the stuff there wasn't public before, and 90% of it is stuff that got about 1% of the way done and was abandoned, or stuff which is years old at this point. Therefore, browsing around there is not recommended. However, from now on when I reference projects, I'll link to GitHub (and I'll probably go back and update old links in my blog, too).

Interesting repositories include the one for this site; my old GMP+GD mandelbrot generator; Sheeple, the Gtk contact management app I've been working on for RCOS; and the code behind my web-based Aperture tag browser.